We provide professional colon hydrotherapy by appointment. Currently, we are offering 50% off for first time clients and great package specials as well.

Call 815.679.0016 for details.
Phone: 815.679.0016

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Mercola Vitality Refresh Tanning System
Policies & Procedures
Vitamin D is an essential Nutrient that can make a world of difference for your heart health, bones, skin, immunity and even your mood.  Read More

The Safest and Healthiest Sauna in America. Harness the power of the sun. Far infrared is part of the sunís invisible light spectrum that is essential to plants, animals and humans. Infrared heat is a form of energy that penetrates the body by warming muscles and tissue directly without heating the intervening air. Read More

Nutrition & Lifestyle Guidance

The human body has a tremendous capacity to heal itself. The principle known as the healing power of nature is the foundation of naturopathic philosophy. Our goal is to help you restore balance to your body, mind and spirit primarily with nutritional guidance and lifestyle modifications.

During your first visit with Jolene, a thorough history is taken, including questions about lifestyle, stress, diet, mental and spiritual state. Once all aspects of your life are examined, Jolene will help you develop a plan to empower you to transform your life and create the terrain for vital living.

Fun raw food demonstrations and informational gatherings.  We invite you to explore our natural approach to health! Call 815.679.0016 for more information.


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